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Radio & Television, Public Appearances 

Ilona Glinarsky is a public speaker, transformational coach and workshops facilitator who is often invited to be a presentor and keynote speaker at various inspirational events. She is ready to create a perfect presentation for your special event that will inspire your audience and fit your budget. 


In a delightful interview about Argentine Tango, Ilona Glinarsky shows Dr. Marissa how it's footwork can teach strong independent women how to release control, to become more feminine, vulnerable and to allow more love connection and romance into their lives.

Life imitates art, and no where is that more apparent than on the dance floor… let the passion and romance of dance help bring GREAT LOVE into YOUR LIFE! Interview with Dr. Elizabeth Lambaer.

An interview with Alayna of LA Talk Live about WHY learn to dance and why TANGO  (with Brenda Embrace Tango & Howard Barsky) – Jan. 9, 2013

Argentine Tango Flash Mob at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) on Valentine's Day created and produced by Ilona Glinarsky.

A completely improvised, spontaneous demonstration of social Argentine Tango performed by Ilona Glinarsky and Ron Parker at the Agape International Spiritual Center, Culver City

A wonderful interview with late Bradley Quick, who sadly passed away just days later from terminal illness. What an honor it was to meet this great man, who was committed to making a world a better place!

Announcement by Reverend Michael Beckwith of my special "Tango Through Life" workshop at the Agape International Spiritual Center, Culver City

Articles & News

Article in Easy Reader  "Dancing her Sorrows Away"  

Article in South Bay Magazine "It takes YOU to Tango!"

Article in Sundial about Argentine Tango Night at the Music Center, DTLA

Article in Conscious Dancer Magazine  "Trusting Steps

Article in - "Tango Connects People"

A Short Film


An award-winning 6-minute short film written and directed by Ilona Glinarsky (competed within 3 days from start to finish).

PAH festival, produced by Christopher Coppola

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