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Argentine Tango Techniques +

Sequences ( Mixed level )

*No partner needed. We will rotate.

Time: Every Tuesday

7:15-8:15pm Mixed level - Sequences and Techniques


Location: 1323 El Prado Ave, Torrance

Cost: $25 drop-in class each / $20 when you purchase a package of 10

Intro to Tango Beginners, March 24-3.png

5-week Intro to Tango (Beginner 1.0)

No partner needed. Pre-registration required! 

Dates: Mondays, June 24-July 22

Time: 7-8pm

Location: Epicenter Arts, Room 4 (downstairs)

Cost:  $100 for 5 / $25 drop-in

LA Made, 2020-11-13 .png

Argentine Tango Basics and Beyond


*No partner or dance experience needed

Time: TBD

Location: LA Public Library

various locations

1 on 1 Tango Coaching & Life Coaching Sessions!

(reg. $95 for 60-minutes via Zoom or $125 at a private studio)
*Special discount applies to packages of 5 or 10. Ask for more details. 

At times, we can all benefit from personal one-on-one attention. As a professional life and dance coach, I assess my students' progress in their tango journey and identify personal blocks that may be hindering their success.

By applying a custom-taylored approach and utilizing my LivingTango (R) Method, I find the "key" that unlocks the most efficiant path leading to the next level of their growth on the dance floor and beyond. 

Here's what my private coaching students say about their experience...


Ilona has the gift of making something that can feel intimidating to many feel fun, light and easy. That applies both to learning the dance itself as well as the lessons it offers that help us look at who we are and how we live our lives. Being someone who takes the lead and makes decisions every day for my work, I have found partner dance a wonderful way to practice surrendering, trusting and making a compassionate connection with another…without words. And there is no better partner dance to experience that in than tango. When those lessons creep into daily life without working at it, it’s a beautiful and powerful thing! 

Jodi McDaniel / Productivity Consultant

Ilona, as an educator, has many wonderful attributes, but the one that has helped me most has been her knowledge of music and how you relate it to dance. I have had a number of teachers, all of whom know how to teach steps in varying degrees of proficiency, but none of them tied the complex steps of tango to the complex music of tango in the way that she has. Her ability to reach me in that way, was the key for my breakthrough in learning tango…I am truly excited about my progress!

Jess Womack / Attorney at Law, LAUSD

For me, Ilona’s classes are very much in tune with what I’ve learned about Tango while living in Argentina for almost 27 years: Is a dance that is danced with your heart and not your feet, connection with your partner is paramount and the feelings evoked by tango music is what gives inspiration to your footwork. I found Ilona does a beautiful job of conveying and transmitting all these qualities in her classes. If you are interested in learning a partner dance that provides you with experience of intimacy and body language dialogue like you have never experienced before, I would recommend you take Ilona’s classes as a way to experience Argentine tango in its core essence. 

Luis Turolla / Commercial Consultant

After years of saying that I was going to learn to tango I finally got off the fence and joined a tango class. During the last year, and having worked with many fine instructors, Ilona has been and will remain my favorite. 
She has a unique and personal way of teaching that makes the lessons interesting, fun, and memorable. 
She also helps you understand not only the reasoning behind the dance, but also the connection that develops between you, your partner, and the music...

Robert Nooridgian / Cardiologist

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