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Life & Love Transformational Coaching  - Living Tango (r) Method

If you are ready to transform your life and your relationshiops, book your coaching session with Ilona Glinarsky!

Are you ready to allow yourself to have all the LOVE, JOY, CREATIVITY and PASSION you have always imagined possible? 
If your answer is YES, please allow me to assist you on your journey to creating the life you desire and deserve! You may know me as a tango instructor and a tango event organizer, yet my true passion has always been coaching singles and couples and teaching them how to take all life lessons from the dance floor and apply them to their every-day lives.


I believe if we could all learn to DANCE together in harmony, with caring regard for one another, communicating heart-to-heart, staying fully present in each moment and sharing ourselves 100% with one another…we will transform ALL our relationships and the world around us!

Furthermore, I also believe that EVERYONE can create the life they dream of! 
If you are tired of trying and are ready start MANIFESTING your desires and dreams, I am here for you! 

Photo credit: Johanna Siegmann

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