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Tango Through Life (r) - Lessons for Living and Loving beyond the dance steps! 

Workshop for Singles and Couples

This transformational, fun and creative 3-hour workshop 

Date: Saturday, July 27

Time: 1-4pm

Location: Allomi / 1612 S. Catalina Ave, Redondo Beach

Cost: $50 at the door / $40 with pre-reg

Click to register and reserve your space HERE

If you don't have MindBody app, send your payment via Venmo to Amber Susa @Allomi-Health

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Rediscover the warmth of personal connection and communication in this unique somatic workshop synthesizing partner dance with mindful, non-verbal communication through the embodied experiences of social Argentine Tango and spiritual psychology.
Originally an earthy, street dance, combining elements of African rhythms and European music, tango is a powerful metaphor for life and conscious relationships. This workshop builds on tango’s rich foundation and utilizes heart-centered methodologies to explore co-creating mindful experiences, expanding interpersonal connections, releasing expectations and judgements, and deepening body awareness and intimacy.

You will explore timeless principles for moving in dance and in life with grace and ease. You will embody these principles as you learn new steps and variations.
Personal reflection and discussion will encourage participants to share their “aha!” moments and learn from their collective experiences.

The LivingTango® approach offers an opportunity for personal growth and transformation beyond the dance floor, straight into your own “dance of life.”

In this fun workshop you will learn and practice:

  • Argentine Tango fundamentals: tango walk, basic patterns, improvisation and musicality

  • Personal Balance

  • Connection to self, to partner and to community

  • Listening with your entire body

  • Communicating with your body

  • Leading & following, switching roles

  • Cultivating empathy

  • Mindful presence in each step

  • Teamwork

  • Being comfortable with the "unknown"

  • Letting go of anticipating

  • Letting go of judgement

  • Building confidence, and so much more...

An award-winning educator, public speaker, and leader in the Argentine Tango community for 18 years, Ilona Glinarsky is the creator of the LivingTango® Method, synthesizing Spiritual Psychology, dance, music, and life/relationship coaching. Using her embodied learning approach, she empowers individuals, community groups, and businesses.

No partner or dance experience required! We will rotates and switch leader/follower roles.

Couples may stay together without rotating. Smooth soled shoes or socks recommended. 


"I'm truly fortunate to have discovered Ilona's intuitive and fun approach to the art of Argentine Tango. This "thing" I had always loved to watch, while in all honesty considering it "just another ballroom dance". It is not until I jumped in with both feet, that I was able to discover that it holds, just under the surface, powerful secrets of the dynamics of human relationship. It isn't news that the balance of masculine-feminine energies in modern urban culture has become slightly derailed. Years of feminist progress, a workplace changed by economic realities, and the new models of the family unit have subtly changed the way men and women see and relate to one another.  Although I hold no judgment on any of this, one way or another, yet it seems maybe something fundamental has been lost - it is that basic, undeniably powerful meeting of masculine power and feminine surrender. 

It's how we were made, like it or not, and the practice and experience of Argentine Tango shows a way of re-connecting with that old concept in a fun, gently respectful, and aesthetically beautiful context that is urgently important for the new man and the new woman. Tango does this in a visceral but charming old-school way. I'll never forget Ilona's instructions to forget what we have learned about "not invading another's space"- that in Tango it's not only permissible, but mandatory; so to do just THAT, do it in a loving and artistic way, and to have it welcomed with surrender and gratitude, is a huge lesson for the modern, "conscious" man. 

I can't speak for the women, of course, but the look on their faces, as they journey into a place of real trust, and allow themselves those essential "luxuries" of improvisation, lightness, and grace, says more than a volume of words. The whole thing is simply, like all great art, a great pleasure with a deeper value. I could go on and on, but all this talk is making me wanna dance instead!" 

- David Neal, 

musician, composer, arranger

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