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Dance and Argentine Tango lessons in Los Angeles by Ilona Glinarsky


No matter what may have brought you to Argentine Tango you are about to embark on an exciting journey… This journey is not only about learning what is considered the most romantic and passionate dance of all dances, it is going to take you much deeper, way beyond steps and dance routines.

Tango is about self-discovery, about learning the true meaning of partnership on the dance floor and beyond, about re-framing our preconceived ideas of “masculine” and “feminine” interaction and, above all, Tango is about discovering true CONNECTION to yourself, to your partner and to the community.

Argentine Tango and Dance lessons for beginners by Ilona Glinarsky
Wedding and First Dance Choreography Los El Segundo, Los Angeles
Life and Relationship Coaching by Ilona Glinarsky
Argentine Tango Socials and Dance events in Los Angeles


I believe DANCE is one of the most powerful yet enjoyable catalysts for personal growth and expansion. It is both a tool and an outlet for human passion, which is the very essence of life itself.

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