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Golden Age Tango - Edwardian Ball, Los Angeles 2018 

Designed for a complete beginner in mind, this 5-week course is going to give you some basics and get your dancing Authentic Argentine Tango.


You will be ready to show off your hot tango moves at the Edwardian Ball, which takes place on February 9-10 at The GLOBE, DTLA! 

Curriculum incudes: 

  • Tango walk

  • Tango posture

  • Tango embrace 

  • Basic 6-count (box step)

  • Basic 8-count with cross for followers 

  • Ochos (front and back)

  • Salida tipica

  • Alternative resolution

  • Rock steps

Location: Hermosa Beach Community Center / Room 5 

710 Pier Ave, HB 90254 

Cost: $65 for series / $15 drop-in

(please add $3 processing fee if paying with Paypal)

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